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What is a rat infestation?

A rat infestation is a situation in which rats have made their way into your premises and made it their home. They can be found in basements, attics, crawl spaces and other areas that are rarely accessed by humans. These hairy critters are also known to burrow under foundations of buildings and homes as well as inside walls and roofs where they can create entry points for themselves into the structure itself.

Rats will leave behind droppings wherever they go so it’s important to look for signs of their presence such as:

  • Droppings (small brown pellets)
  • Tracks along baseboards or along floorboards where rats have run across them
  • Chewed holes in boxes/bags containing food items

How to Prevent a Rat Infestation

Rats will eat just about anything, but they prefer to dine on human food. Uni Smart suggests one of the ways is to reduce the amount and frequency of your garbage disposal by recycling and composting as much as possible. If you live in an apartment building or other multi-unit dwelling, ask your landlord to provide separate bins for organic waste so that it doesn’t get mixed into the regular trash bags. Also avoid leaving pet food out overnight; rats love cat food! Nevertheless, proper sanitation practices are also important because leftover food particles after cleaning dishes/utensils/countertops, etcetera can attract pests like cockroaches who then feed off these scraps which could lead them back towards humans later on down the road if not disposed properly beforehand.

One of many benefits of Uni Smart’s services is the ability for us to identify entry points and areas of activity. This expertise by our professionals allows them to move on to the next step which is 

  • Baiting and trapping
  • Exclusion and prevention methods (such as sealing up holes in the walls)
  • Sanitization and decontamination.

What to Expect From a Uni Smart Pest Control Company

Uni Smart will perform an inspection and assessment of your home to determine where rats are entering, what they’re eating, and how many there are. Then develop a customised treatment plan for you that includes non-toxicant and eco-friendly methods of eradicating them.

After the initial visit, follow-up visits may be scheduled as needed to monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary. 

A unique feature Uni Smart applies in our daily tasks is we use only eco-green products that are safe for the environment. This actually carries a lot of benefits along its way as environmentally friendly rat products are quite rare to be found, and it also is non-toxicant for humans whenever it is been exposed. 

The Importance of Regular Pest Control Maintenance

It’s important to note that regular pest control maintenance is far more than just a preventative measure, but also an effective way of identifying potential problems before they become an infestation. When you have Uni Smart come out and inspect your property on a regular basis, they can identify any signs of rodent activity or other issues that might lead to an infestation in the future. This allows us to take action immediately and prevent any further damage from occurring on your property or in your home.

Say if this is left unchecked for too long, rats can cause serious health issues for both humans, animals and even cause structural damage if left alone long enough! 

For example, rats carry disease-causing bacteria on their fur which can be transmitted through bites or scratches. They also leave droppings behind wherever they go (which means there will be more than just one place where these droppings are found).

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company like Uni Smart 

When you hire a professional pest control company, you get all of the following benefits :

Time and money savings. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get rid of rats on your own or spend money buying expensive DIY products that may not even work. Instead, let us take care of this problem for you so that it doesn’t come back again!

Reduced risk of injury and illness from rat bites or other issues related to infestations. Our trained technicians at Uni Smart know exactly what they’re doing when it comes time for them to do their job and they’ll do it safely while protecting both themselves and your family members at home with them during their visit here today!

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a professional like us at Uni Smart. This is especially true if you have an infestation of rats in your premise. While it may seem like a good idea to try and take care of the problem yourself, this can actually be much more difficult than it seems and could end up costing more money in the long run.

Our Uni Smart technicians will be able to identify exactly what kind of rodent problem you’re dealing with and recommend steps that will help prevent future infestations from occurring again. They’ll also provide services such as regular inspections and maintenance plans so that when problems do arise again (and they will, trust us), but the best part is you won’t have any trouble getting them taken care of quickly!